These strategic initiatives include

1. Joint missions to the Middle East designed to:
  a. Promote the ability for American Jews and Palestinians to demonstrate to Israeli and Palestinian policy makers the significant benefits of American Palestinians and Jews working together.
  b. Evaluate and prioritize potential projects for I&I support to benefit Israelis and Palestinians.
  c. Establish an informal communications network for American, Israeli and Palestinian policy makers.
2. Joint fund raising to support projects of mutual interest, demonstrating the benefits of coexistence and cooperation to both Israelis and Palestinians.
3. Joint community forums and events to build relationships and increase mutual understanding between the American Jewish and Palestinian communities.
4. Encourage the further development of business relationships between Palestinians and Israelis to strengthen their economies.
5. Establish trust-building projects in I&I chapter cities, to enhance ties between American Palestinian and Jewish communities.

Ishmael & Isaac is building a model of cooperation and moderation in the United States between the American Jewish and Palestinian communities with the hope that it can set an example for Israelis and Palestinians.

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